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The President gives overall leadership and direction to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee on behalf of the membership LCN. The President is responsible for ensuring that the Board carries out its role effectively and that it complies with all of the provisions of the Constitution and other policies and procedures addressing the governance of LCN. The President has the challenge of leadership which is specifically to motivate and inspire the Board, the staff and the members of LCN to achieve the vision and mission of the network and to maintain LCN’s position as the leading non-governmental coalition of civil society organizations in Lesotho.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The specific responsibilities of the President are as follows:


  • Preside over all meeting s of the Board, the Executive Committee and of the membership (including the AGM), and all other official functions of LCN where his or her presence is deemed to be important and appropriate;
  • Lead the Board of Directors in the practice of good governance;
  • Carry out the duties of this office in such a way that displays the qualities of effective leadership, that demonstrates the values and beliefs of LCN, and that motivates and inspires the Board, the staff, the members and others to achieve the vision and mission of LCN;
  • Collaborate with Board members, staff, members and others to set clear direction for the development of LCN and for the maintenance of LCN’s pre-eminent position as the leading non-governmental coalition of civil society organizations in Lesotho;


  • Represent LCN in meetings, conferences, forums and other events or activities where LCN’s presence is required and advantageous;
  • Act as a primary spokesperson for LCN in collaboration with the Executive Director;

Facilitation, Meeting Management & Decision-making

  • Call all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board
  • Facilitate deliberations of the Board and the Executive Committee such that all members participate, that deliberations are efficient, focused and orderly, and that, to the greatest extent possible, decisions are based on a consensus of those participating;
  • When required, manage voting procedures according to the Constitution and other relevant policies and procedures; and, where required, deliver the casting vote in the event of a tie;
  • Ensure, through the Secretariat, that arrangements are in place to support all logistical requirements of Board and Executive Committee meetings;


  • • Participate in an ex-officio capacity on all standing or special committees as may from time to time be created by the Board;

Good Conduct

  • Ensure compliance with the Constitution and the Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct both within his or her own office and within the offices of all other Board members;
  • Ensure that all members comply with the Board’s Conflict of interest policy
  • Evaluate and give guidance to other Board members as required;
  • Initiate disciplinary measures when required according to the Constitution, the Code of Conduct and any other approved policy or procedure governing such matters;

Training and Development

  • Continuously monitor the governance capacities of Board members, identify capacity gaps and work with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director to implement appropriate and effective training and support programs;

Signing of Documents

  • Act as the principal signing authority for LCN on all contracts and other such documents and ensure that appropriate procedures for delegation of such authority are in place and followed at all times;

Supervision and Support

  • Provide supervision and support to the Executive Director according to the policies and procedures of LCN and in keeping with a philosophy of empowering staff and motivating a culture of outstanding achievement and continuous improvement ;

Delegation of Office

  • When required, call on the Vice-President to carry out the responsibilities of the President;
  • Ensure that, when this occurs, the Vice-President is properly prepared for the temporary responsibilities he or she is to assume;
  • Delegate specific duties to the Vice-President as appropriate and as required by the exigencies of the office of President;

Other Duties

  • Undertake such other duties in keeping with those generally assigned to the office of President as may be required and as time and resources to support the position permit.
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