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About 30 grandmothers and grandfathers of both Ha-‘Masana and Ha-Jimisi villages revealed that they are humbled by the Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) move to offer them clothes as way of acknowledging their plight as one of the disadvantaged members of the community who do not have as much as other members who earn a regular income to sustain their lives.

During the occasion on Friday 08th October 2010, Nkhono’Mamolefi Lekaka one of the founding members and chairperson of the Itumeleng Maqheku, a community based organization said that they are humbled by what LCN did for them. “We are particularly grateful that LCN undertaken to remember us because usually we are least remembered many a time by the society. This gesture will indeed serve as the motivation and encouragement that elderly people still play a bigger role in building society. These clothes will further come in handy as we no longer have any regular income to support ourselves,” she said at the same time revealing that the elderly are particularly disadvantaged because they also care for their grand children whom are orphaned and are victims of HIV/AIDS.
Some could not hold their happiness about some of the clothes they received. LCN donated clothes to elderly of Ha-Jimisi and Ha-‘Masana villages

Itumeleng Maqheku produces various products such as candles, soaps and makes clothes that they mostly donate to orphaned children and victims of HIV/AIDS. Some of the products are sold to fundraise for the Ha-‘Masana and Ha-Jimisi villages based organization.

When handing over the clothes that were collected from the Council, LCN President Mr. Lira Theko indicated that the donation is an indication of LCN acknowledgement of an enormous contribution made by the elderly in the society. “If it was not for your relentless effort to make sure that future people grow in a save and enabling environment, our country would not be where it is today. I therefore like to implore you to continue working together, work as a team and highlight the importance of unity. In its true nature LCN encourages people working together hence its natural formation of coordinating its diverse membership,” he emphasized.

Mr. Theko further congratulated the Itumeleng Maqheku on their 5th anniversary to keep on working as a team to overcome the many challenges that include splitting due to vetted individual interests that confront many organizations causing them not to survive thus far as Itumeleng Maqheku.

In thanking the Council on behalf of the elderly, Nkhono ‘Matokelo Phakela of the Maseru Women Senior Citizens Association (MWSCA), a member of the LCN whom the donation was undertaken through, complemented LCN that it indeed acting as the mother body for the organizations in Lesotho. “Usually it is the mother who will realise when any of her children needs something. We like therefore to comment the mother body on this effort. LCN is truly contributing tangibly to our objective as the elderly to grow gracefully and actively. By this gesture we feel quiet motivated in continuing to champion the rights and needs of the elderly,” she said.
The donation was undertaken through MWSCA, which was established with the main objective of ensuring active ageing, acting against discrimination and ensuring the rights for the elderly are observed in the country. Itumeleng Maqheku is a member organization of MWSCA.

LCN as a non-profit umbrella body of the NGOs in the country is celebrating 20 years of existence as the non-partisan developmental partner in the country. In marking this important milestone in the history of civil society the organization has decided to undertake a number of activities to promote and create awareness among partners, stakeholders and community at large. Though the celebration will culminate in November 2010 during the Annual NGO Week and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of member NGOs, the intended proceeding activities include donations of clothes to the elderly and vulnerable, sports tournament comprised of NGO member teams, fun-walk and tree planting respectively and the Friday event was no exception.

The Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (LCN) is an umbrella organization for NGOs in Lesotho. It was established in May 1990 with an objective of providing supportive

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