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Deutsche Gessellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit : Nokananeng Project
Nokaneng Project is a project that aims at reducing acceptance of and break the silence around Violence Against Women and Girls(VAWG) among Women and Girls funded by the GIZ (Deutsche Gessellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit).....

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United Nations : Lesotho National Dialogue and Stabilisation Project (LNDSP)
The Kingdom of Lesotho is set to commence long anticipated national reforms intended to spearhead the transformation of the Kingdom into a stable, prosperous and united nation. The UN is implementing an initiative, The Lesotho National Dialogue and Stabilisation Project, in collaboration with SADC, the Lesotho Council of NGOs and other partners with the overall objective of facilitating consensus building towards fundamental national reforms and ensuring an enabling environment for this process of reforms....

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World Bank : HIV and AIDS Technical Assistance Project (HTAP)
In contribution to the national response to HIV and AIDS, the government of Lesotho through the Ministry of Health (MOH) is implementing the HIV and AIDS Technical Assistance Project (HTAP) with support from World Bank. It is a 5 year technical assistance grant. The project was approved in August 2009 and became effective from January 2010. It will phase out in January 2015. The project aims at building capacity of government and civil...

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ACBF: Capacity Building Project
The Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (LCN), founded as an umbrella body of national NGOs in May 1990, has, within this changing climate, acquired prominence as a potential development partner, and has in this respect risen to the opportunities of greater participation in the country's development process. However, LCN and its member organizations lack the required capacities, at institutional, governance and human resources levels, to effectively engage in the country's development...

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EU: Public Participation & NSAs Capacity Building for Development Project-PuPNaC
Though the concept of public participation is not as old as human kind, it has become a vital ingredient in the public policy discourse. The universal franchise of declared in the 19th century was a turning point in ensuring that people take part in decisions that are meant to shape their destiny.
Countries did not heed to the call at the sometime hence different formations and blocs have taken the issue of public participation as a guiding principle in effecting a development agenda. European Union- EU is no exception in the notion of public participation. In fact EU is one of the pioneers of public participation agenda...

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EU: Deepening Decentralization and Non-State Actors
Despite the establishment of local government authorities through the enactment of Local Government Act 1997, the country has been haunted by lack of decentralised decision-making power and authority. The development initiatives set for implementation at local level are still determined by the central government, resulting in irrelevant and unresponsive interventions at local communities.

The allocation of material and financial resources has failed to trickle down to local authorities, making it difficult for local structures to make any meaningful contribution in the development of people's lives. Public participation is yet another challenge in decentralisation in Lesotho. Communities failure to participate in development agenda-setting platforms and failure to hold authorities accountable has led to poor...

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