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Grants Management Unit

Under the leadership of the Grants Manager, the Grants Management Unit implements all grants management activities on behalf of LCN. The Unit is comprised of the Grants Manager, the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, the Capacity-Building Officer, the Finance & Grants Assistant and any other staff that LCN may engage from time to time to support grants management activities.

All grants management activities at LCN will be guided by the following principles:


All grants management activities shall be conducted in an open and transparent manner. Opportunities to apply for funds shall be widely communicated by written and electronic means. Procedures shall be clearly explained. Decisions shall be communicated promptly.

Fair process

All grants shall be awarded on the basis of an objective assessment against clearly established criteria. The process of assessment and of awarding of grants will be clearly explained on the LCN web-site. All individuals involved in assessing and awarding grants shall adhere to conflict of interest policies and procedures. Funding decisions shall be subject to review and appeal on reasonable grounds.


All grants management funds and all grants awarded shall be accounted for according to generally accepted accounting principles and procedures. All grant managements activities shall adhere to the reporting and accountability requirements of the donor or other source from which the funds originate. All grant recipients shall comply with reporting requirements in a timely fashion. All grants shall include a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan.


All grants shall be awarded on the basis of clearly stated targets and beneficiaries. Grant performance shall be assessed on the basis of such targets.

Enabling approach

Grants management activities shall be accompanied by a comprehensive capacity-building plan. Participation in capacity-building programs shall be mandatory for grant recipients. LCN shall make all reasonable efforts to assist grant recipients to develop and sustain the organizational capacity required to successfully receive grants and to carry out funded projects. LCN will work to resolve problems, including performance issues, in such a way as to build capacity to prevent recurrence.

Emphasis on best practices

Grant management programs will support best-practice approaches. Best-practices will be defined in a collaborative manner using national, regional and international knowledge and experience as guides.

Support for innovation

Notwithstanding the emphasis on best-practice approaches, grants management programs will also support innovation. LCN acknowledges that many new approaches to development challenges are often first attempted and perfected in the non-governmental sector before rising to the status of best practice.


Grants management programs, including application and reporting procedures, will emphasize efficiency. LCN will work collaboratively with members and partners to ensure that grants management policies and procedures do not create unnecessary burdens on grant recipients while at the same time complying with donor reporting and accountability requirements. LCN will work collaboratively with the donor community to ensure that such requirements do not impose an unmanageable burden on either LCN or its members or partners.
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