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The membership and sectoral engagement of LCN is clustered into 6 sector commissions based on mandates and programmatic orientation of members. The purpose of the Commissions is to cluster organisations with a similar mandate together to facilitate programming and coordination.

These Commissions are:


Under the leadership of the Commissioners, who are also members of the Board of Directors, and coordinated by the Secretariat, the Commissions are expected to perform the following:

  • Coordinate civil society advocacy and voice on issues that affect them
  • Facilitate exchange of information, experiences and lessons between members
  • Provide a linkage between the Secretariat and member NGOs to for effective participation.
  • Provide information and technical support to NGOs on relevant national policies, laws and international agreements.
  • Promote partnership between member NGOs and strategic partners to influence policy change and inform national policy.

Commissions meetings are held once per month, to information dissemination and review of Commission activities and achievement per time. The Commission meetings are used by member NGOs as a platform to share experiences and lessons affecting the sector.

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