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The Implementing Partners (IPs) on the first phase of the Global Fund Round 8 project took a giant step in commitment to commence their projects by signing the contracts in an event organized by the Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) as the principal recipient of the landmark grant intended to assist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in their various areas of development chief among them being stepping up the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Mrs. ‘Mabulara Tsuene, shaking hand with the LYFE representative Mr. Ntsekhe Tlaba on the occasion of the signing of the contracts between the IPs and LCN

Present at the contracting occasion that happened this week (3rd November 2010) were CARE Lesotho, coming to work in the area of Commercial Sex Workers, FIDA in the area of Legal and Ethical Challenges in HIV, LNFOD in Situational Analysis Among People with Disabilities and the Lesotho Youth Federation (LYFE) look into the issue of Youth Ambassadors.

Speaking to the attending NGOs the LCN Executive Director Mrs. ‘Mabulara Tšuene, implored the IPs to be as much effective and efficient as possible in implementing the project in their various areas not only because the project is performance based hence able to qualify for the next phase, but also that the advancement of Basotho lives depend on the effective implementation of this first phase.

“You are therefore inevitably tasked with critical responsibility to make sure that you utilize the funds efficiently and effectively as you endeavour to make a change within the communities you serve. The fact that this grant is performance based requires us to be highly prudent as we discharge our duties because the next phase really depends on it,” She said.

In re-affirming their commitment to the project Mr. Sello Thulo, CARE Lesotho, Programme Director on behalf of the IPs indicated that IPs will work hard to make the project a shining success. “We are indeed committing to work hard in assisting the Council (LCN) to see the project through. Those of us present here must take this opportunity with our utmost earnest because we are one of the chosen few. There are many NGOs that really wish to be in our position but are not, so let us use this opportunity profitably,” he said.

Mr. Thulo further reiterated that as IPs they are looking forward to the support of LCN throughout the project and promised that they all want to be in good standing by the time LCN undertakes both the monitoring and evaluation of the project to qualify for the next phase.

LCN has entered into a two year contract with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria- GFATM for Stepping Universal Access for a Multi Sectoral Partnerships Response to HIV at the community level. This is a five year project implemented in two phases of 2and 3 years respectively. 

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