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LCN has over the years been the voice of the civil society organizations when it comes to advocacy on national policies. LCN considers a national budget as a vital policy tool towards promoting economic growth and poverty reduction. LCN believes that budget participate in the budget cycle, that includes, budget analysis and tracking.


Budget is one of the major policies of any institution from the household to government level. At the household the budget is designed in a manner that it finances the needs of all family members, ranging from schools fees to acquisition of property, and in that case, it is much easier to capture the needs of each member, and decide timely, whereas in the case of government it takes months or even years to establish a need. Thus the arising role to the civil society organisations will be to ensure that identified needs of the populace are integrated into the budget, and that the government delivers, and it is accountable to its electorate.


This analysis is looking as to whether the budget responds to the needs of the populace, does it address the poverty trappings of the society.

Following presentation of the National Budget Speech in Parliament on the 12th February 2010, members of LCN have reviewed the budget with a view to assessing its ability to deliver and support economic growth and development. In the review, the key determinants were the ability of the government to implement public policy and deliver effective public services to the citizens, promote public participation and accountability.


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