LCN attends a SADC Climate Services Centre (CSC) Workshop in Zimbabwe
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Lesotho Council of NGOs attended a workshop on the New Partnership for the implementation of Global Framework on Climate Services (GFCS) at Harare, Zimbabwe. The event was convened during 03 - 05 March 2015. Lesotho Council of NGOs was represented by Mr Kanono Thabane.

The GFCS is a global partnership of governments and organizations that produce and use climate information and services (IFRC, WMO, CICERO, WFP, WHO &CCAFS). GFCS aims to bridging the gap between climate service providers and those who make use of the service. GFCS also enable researchers and the producers and users of information to join forces to improve the quality and quantity of climate services. GFCS was established with the purpose of;
  • Reducing vulnerability to climate-related hazards through better provision of climate services;
  • Advancing the key global development goals through better provision of climate services;
  • Mainstreaming the use of climate information in decision-making;
  • Strengthening the engagement of providers and users of climate services; and
  • Maximizing the utility of existing climate service infrastructure.
Figure 1: Participants from different SADC Member States

The workshop in Zimbabwe was held to find ways in which National Meteorological Services Departments and the multi-sectoral users, including those from the private sector, should develop strategies for enhanced socio-economic benefits from climate services. In addition, participants distinguished between services delivered by National Meteorological Services for the public good and those that are in the interest of the private sector for commercial purposes.

The workshop was structured in five sessions namely:

  • Session I: Global Framework on Climate Services
  • Session II: New partnership for effective Resilience Development
  • Session III: Climate Information Needs for Financial Decision Making
  • Session IV: Investing with respect to Weather and Climate Risks
  • Session V: Conclusions and Way forward

During the event, participants were able to raise awareness on the user community on the benefit of applying climate services within GFCS. In addition, participants also outlined opportunities in funding the operationalization of GFCS in the region. These were meant to create an enabling working environment in which providers and users of climate information collaborate in an effective and efficient way in unlocking value from climate services
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