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Many studies continue to show that the rural, disadvantaged groups endure common development challenges in Africa and in all other developing countries. Lesotho is no exception to this challenge. The challenges of the rural disadvantaged High unemployment rates, Over reliance on subsistence agriculture activities yet declining agricultural outputs unfavourable climatic conditions, Poor physical infrastructural services and very limited access to social services healthcare, clean water and sanitation, therefore, rampant poverty and hunger.


The writings further show that a reliable tool and methodology to address peoples chaos is to allow people take a centre stage on how their challenges are to be addressed. As a starting point people participation in policies and or laws that affect them is of critical importance. It is when development practitioners know and understand the will of the people that development agenda can be an informed one as opposed to a perceived one. It is on the basis of the same understanding that LCN intended to increase public awareness and participation thorough a project called Public Participation & NSAs Capacity Building for Development through the support of EU. In order to carry out this noble initiative, it is imperative to conduct an assessment aimed at getting baseline information to inform implementation.


This analysis is looking as to whether the budget responds to the needs of the populace, does it address the poverty trappings of the society.

The activity is a pre-requisite for the Public Participation & NSA Capacity Building Project. It is part of the project deliverable and as a result it should be done before major activities could be performed within the life time of the project. It is also imperative to include associates in the execution of the project. The geographical coverage of the project required a number of officers to accomplish the task.


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Ms.Mothabeng 'Malilemo, LCN representative from LEJAC between two DRUNK(cave) Members(left) in Quthing. Mr Masike Sesale from LCN together with a very powerful women in bussiness Mrs.Manthuseng holding awards(right) in Qacha

Ms.Ramajoe Pulane and Mr.Nkhahle Malimatle from LCN together with Mr.Thamae, Mr.Thabo, Mr.Ramoshabe, Mrs.Mabakoena, Mr.Malekhooana and Mrs.Matlotlisang in Mafeteng. Kobo ea mobu, Mobu ke khauta,Lijo ke bophelo and Its'ebeletseng Masemouse Members in Mafeteng as well
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