The Lesotho Council Of NGO's (LCN) election observation statement
on national assembly general election 26 May 2012
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As part of its contribution in the consolidation of democracy and delivery of credible election in the kingdom, Lesotho Council of Non-governmental Organisation (LCN) deployed a team of 150 election observers across the 10 districts in 47 constituencies. The LCN observation teams were guided by the international standards of election observation, SADC Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation as well as the National Assembly Electoral Act 2011. In this very important exercise, LCN observed the following:
 - Multiparty representation during national assembly election held on the 26th May 2012 was fairly good;
 - The election material was delivered timeously in most of the voting stations despite the existence of a few    logistical problems which however did not cripple the voting process
 - The voting process happened within the time limits set by the electoral law
 - There were sufficient numbers of polling staff which managed the process reasonably well
 - The voting process happened in an enabling environment where the electorates cast their votes in a peaceful    environment
 - There was reasonable presence of security personnel at various polling stations
 - The counting process happened in a credible manner in the presence  of party agents and observers

Despite the above mentioned, LCN has however noted that:
 - In Some areas, voting stations were not very accessible, particularly  to the elderly and people with disability
 - The secrecy of the ballot was to some extent compromised as the voter was on the same side with the duty    bearers such as IEC officers, party agents and observers

Despite the specific challenges aforesaid, LCN is nonetheless impressed by the level of courage and commitment of IEC staff in the management of this election, particularly in the resolution of disputes that arose. Thus the council is of the view that Lesotho has reached a new watermark with these elections. Thus the council concludes that these elections have passed the test for free and credible election. The outcome of these elections should be regarded as a true representation of the will of the people of Lesotho and should therefore be accepted by all.

LCN therefore wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate the people of Lesotho for demonstrating such political maturity and appeals to the political leaders to engage in the remaining processes in the same spirit.

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