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The Commissioner links the Board of LCN to the member organizations on important issues and priorities related to the six sectoral areas in which LCN operates: democracy & human rights, disaster management & humanitarian relief, women & children, health & social development, economic justice, and agriculture, environment & natural resources. The specific responsibilities of the Commissioner include chairing commission meetings, facilitating dialogue and exchange amongst commission members, acting as a liaison between the commission and the board, and representing the commission in meetings, conferences or other forums relevant to the sectoral area.

Role & Responsibilities:

The specific responsibilities of a Commissioner are as follows:


  • Provide leadership within the Board of Directors on the specific sector area assigned to the Commissioner. This includes providing information and advice to the Board on important sectoral issues and assisting the Board to develop relevant action plans.


  • Chair meetings of the Commissions, with secretariat of the Coordinators;
  • Work with Program Coordinators to prepare meeting agendas
  • Review annual plans for the Commissions
  • Review and approve meeting minutes prepared by staff;
  • Facilitate dialogue and exchange amongst Commission members on issues of concern;
  • Facilitate the development of collaborative action strategies amongst Commission members;

Board Liaison

  • Report to the Board on Commission deliberations and raise any issues of note for Board consideration;
  • Regularly report to Commission members on the deliberations and decisions of the Board;


  • Represent the Commission and LCN at meetings, conferences, or other forums relevant to the assigned sectoral area;
  • Act as a spokesperson in relation to the sectoral area when so requested by the President or the Executive Director;


  • Participate in standing or special committees as directed by the President or as requested by the Board;
  • Representation of LCN in various fora terminates when such a member ceases to be a member of the Board/Commissioner.
  • A decision of the Council or the Board or the Commission would be necessary to nominate or reconfirm representation
  • Representatives are required to report to the Council on the activities in their assignments on regular basis and in relevant Commissions.
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