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The Treasurer provides leadership and direction to the Board on the financial affairs of LCN. The Treasurerís specific duties include presenting regular financial reports to the Board, assisting the Board in the review and approval of annual budgets, supervising the annual audit in collaboration with senior staff, and provide general advice and direction to the Board on the long-term financial sustainability of LCN.

Role & Responsibilities:

The specific responsibilities of the Treasurer are as follows:

Presentation and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Present monthly and/or quarterly financial statements to the Board and/or the Executive Committee as required;
  • Assist the Board or Executive Committee members to interpret financial statements and to be properly aware of the financial position of LCN at all times;


  • Ensure compliance by LCN with all relevant policies and procedures governing best practices in financial management and accountability;
  • Ensure that signing authorities, banking documents, and other financial authorities are up-to-date and properly executed;
  • Ensure that LCN complies with all legal and regulatory requirements governing the financial affairs of non-profit societies in Lesotho;

Donor Relations

  • On behalf of the Board, maintain current knowledge of LCNís major donors and funding partners;
  • Assist in the preparation of reports or other correspondence as may be required by donors or funding partners;
  • Participate in meetings and discussions with donors and funding partners when required and as appropriate;

Resource Mobilization

  • Work with the Executive Director and the Finance & Administration Manager to maintain an appropriate level of funding for LCN aligned to the strategic plan and such other plans or policies that LCN may from time-to-time approve;
  • Participate in the development and implementation of resource mobilization strategies;


  • Ensure an appropriate selection of auditors as detailed in the Constitution and such other policies and procedures that may apply;
  • Participate, as required, in the planning and implementation of annual audits;
  • Present audited statements to the membership and be prepared to answer all reasonable questions that members may raise;
  • Ensure that any recommendations, including remedial actions, that arise during audits are implemented quickly and effectively;

Participation in Annual Budgeting

  • Ensure that appropriate systems and processes are in place for annual forecasting of revenues and expenditures;


  • Participate in standing or special committees as directed by the President or as requested by the Board.

Signing of Documents

  • Function as a signing officer for LCN, particularly in relation to financial matters;
  • Be aware of and monitor all financial signing authorities and delegation of such authorities at LCN;

Other Duties

  • Provide advice and support, as may be required, to the Board and the senior staff on matters affecting the overall financial affairs of LCN;
    • Participate in the development of financial policy and procedures as appropriate and/or as requested.
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