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The Vice-President assists the President to carry out all of the functions assigned to his or her office. The Vice-President acts for the President on a temporary basis from time-to-time according to the provisions of the Constitution and the specific requests and direction given by the President.

Role & Responsibilities:

The specific responsibilities of the Vice-President are as follows:

Leadership and Support

  • Be familiar at all times with the responsibilities and tasks of the President and be able to assume the duties of the President at all times in a competent and informed manner;
  • Provide overall assistance and support to the President as required, including assuming such responsibilities on a temporary or ongoing basis as the President may from time to time assign;


  • When requested, to represent LCN in meetings, conferences, forums and other events or activities where LCN’s presence is required and advantageous;

Facilitation, Meeting Management & Decision-making

  • Stand in, when requested by the President, to facilitate deliberations of the Board and the Executive Committee in a manner such that all members participate, that deliberations are efficient, focused and orderly, and that, to the greatest extent possible, decisions are based on a consensus of those participating;
  • Assist the President to ensure, through the Secretariat, that arrangements are in place to support all logistical requirements of Board and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Take a leadership role in preparing and managing the meetings of the Executive Committee under the direction of the President and in collaboration with the Executive Director;


  • Participate in standing or special committees as directed by the President or as requested by the Board.

Good Conduct

  • Assist the President to ensure compliance with the Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct and the provisions of the Constitution both within his or her own office and within the offices of all other Board members;
  • Participate in disciplinary measures when requested by the President;

Signing of Documents

  • Act as a signing authority for LCN on all contracts and other such documents, including cheques and other financial instruments.

Other Duties

  • Undertake such other duties in keeping with those generally assigned to the Vice President role at the request of the President.
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