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Sub-recipients assist LCN to implement portions of the implementation framework for the Global Fund Round 8 grant. This includes program activities aimed at specific target groups (youth, for example) or at specific sectors (the private sector, for example). Sub-recipients must pass rigorous assessment criteria and sign detailed accountability agreements with LCN. Sub-recipients may identify implementing partners and provide them with funding support in order to carry out the activities they have contracted to undertake. Sub-recipients are usually very well established, nationally-based organizations with experience implementing large programs involving a number of different partners. Sub-recipients may be national or international organizations operating in Lesotho. Sub-recipients must be legally registered to operate in Lesotho and have legal capacity to enter into funding contracts. Because of the particular relationships Sub-recipients have with the PR, policies and procedures applying to this relationship are detailed in a separate Sub-Recipient Manual.

Implementing Partners

Implementing partners are community-based organizations, or district or nationally-based organizations, which have applied for and been awarded funding under the different grants management programs at LCN. Implementing partners must be legally registered entities with legal capacity to sign funding agreements.

Other Recipients

Depending on the terms of the grant program, or of the donor where the funds originate, LCN may provide grants to groups or associations that are not legally registered. In most cases, such groups will be required to enter into a partnership with a legally-registered entity to be eligible to receive funding support. The legally-registered entity will be required to co-sign the funding agreement.
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